South Asian Dance

South Asian Dance


Dr. G. Rauf Roashan


Her eyes are black

Her red dress of silk

She swirls and swirls

And spreads out her white arms



Her long fingers

Want to converse with the air

That wants to clasp

 Her vivacious body


They want to tell of passion

Of want, of carnal needs of the spirit


Her body fills

The red dress with desire


Her eyes talk

Call closer

And send away, at the same time

And her cascade of long curls

Tie innumerable hearts to her


Her tempting dance

Nullifies all former repentances

And breaks all other allegiances


Oriental South Asian dance is the tale

Of secrets and mysteries


‘T’is the tale of love

The tale of wishes

A tale of thousands of unmet desires

And the tale of aspirations and longings

‘T’is a tale of bodies and souls


Each step an expression

Each movement of hands a book of desire

Each glance

Each smile, a story of love

Ecstatic in nature


Each movement of the body

A non-spoken invitation to compassion

Shrouded in acceptable garment

Of social behavior overshadowed by music

That shapes all wishes and desires