Dreaming of You

You were in my dreams, last night.

I did not actually see you, but you were there. We were on top of this magnificent hill over looking a lush green vista. A narrow winding road led to the front of this mansion. Dark rose colored bricks and stone columns, supporting high arches with see through cover welcomed us. I particularly remember looking through some of the openings at the white puffy clouds in a clear blue sky.

Birds songs mingled with the sound of cascading water provided a symphony like no other.

A great stain class door opened in to a long marbled corridor. On either sides were statues, large and small, each strategically located to draw ones eyes and behind each, was an arch with a cascading waterfall. It was possible to make music in the medley of waterfalls and footsteps.

I found myself varying my steps to change the tempo, and facing either right or left to find the perfect harmony.

Water seems to be the theme in this mansion.

Ponds, small streams, fountains and water falls adorned every direction we looked at. Amazingly, even from the ceiling water jetted to the curved wall of one of the great halls, rolling down the wall, creating amazing patterns that did transport me, for a few seconds, to distant and mystical lands.

You were there, but I could not see you.

How can this be?

I see reflections of you everywhere I look. Momentarily you are by my side, then gone. You are tall, slender, and beautiful, with dark eyes, long hair, perfect arms and a light footstep. You do not make any sound. Your scent, however, is magical. Occasionally, the gentle breeze from one of the gardens brushes against my face and arms as if you are touching me; so soft, so caring, so loving.

I want to explore every terrace, every level, and every corner looking for you. I want it not to end. It should stretch to eternity, forever.

As I see a shape, just as I know you to be, emerging at the furthest side to the garden, an orchestra starts playing. As you take slow and sensuous steps towards me, the music gets louder and lauder.

Then, I only hear the music while your figure disappears in the white puffy louds.

I am wake.

Zalmai Roashan