Part You Must, With the Earth You Love,
As You Plan Descending, From the Above.

Promised in Books, Sacred to All,
Shaping the Land, As You Do Fall.

Awesome Canyons, Majestic Valleys,
Carve You Do, Those Mountain Bellies.

Crystal Clear, Drop by Drop,
Land You Must, as You Do Flip Flop.

Selective You Are, in Where You Go,
Abundance in Life, is What You Bestow.

Down You Come, At Times so Fast,
That Doing So, Makes You an Outcast.

You then Ran, Like an Untamed Beast,
Not Ever Wanted, to Say the Least.

You Roar and Tumble, and Roar Again,
Rising to the Top, Dropping Back Therein.

Dirt You Collect, Along the Way,
Flooding the Plains, I Must Say.

Destroying Lives, Wherever You Go,
Devastating the Land, That You Love So.

Then You Subside, as You Go Away,
Leaving Behind Fertility, Each and Every Day.

Out Comes New Life, Rich and Intense,
As You Repeat, Yours, With Confidence.

Inspired by the intense rainfalls in the Midwest.

Zalmai Roashan
Toledo (dip)