If Spring Comes

If Spring Comes


Dr. G. Rauf Roashan

(Translation from the original Dari is by the writer himself.)

On the arrival of spring

I would plant emeralds of grass on its path,

On the arrival of spring,

I would play a tune of love on the virgin reed,

If spring arrives,

 I would spread tulips at its feet,

On the arrival of spring,

I would fill its night skies with stars,

If spring arrives I would grow narcissus on its skirt

And wash its path with the happy tears of clouds

When spring arrives, together with the rain I would wash,

The rocks of the mountain slopes and the vast grasslands of gazelles.

And if spring arrives I would feed the white snow, drop-by-drop,

To the grain of wheat so they would grow into stems and become pregnant.

On the arrival of spring,

On the banks of the stream together with the music of the waterfall,

I would sing songs of love, and songs of your beauty and splendor, so that their melody would be

carried by the breeze along the expanse of space.

If the spring comes,

Awaiting intoxicating glances from your beautiful eyes, I would fill the world with a song,

A song that would make Venus, the fiddler, dance and fill the temple of love with joy.

And spread love and purity

and would make the flowers and grass thirst for water and sunshine.

And then I would pour on the new hail the nectar of affection,

And would get intoxicated by the purity and rarity of the potion

and would give myself wholly to love.