Waiting for the Light

Waiting for the Light

By Dr. G. Rauf Roashan

It is night and the birds are silent

The meadow is asleep

The flowers have hidden their colours from the night

A dark fear swirls in the air

Even the passersby speak softly

The night and all it contains are dark

Tiny stars in the distance

With great difficulty put dots on the dark sky

And their dots weakly and hardly wink

Become alive and then fade out

And I have fixed my eyes on the corners of the horizon


Waiting for the light and change

To tear the dark veil of the night across

آوازهاي تمدن

آوازهاي تمدن

اثر داكتر رووف روشان


آوازهاي تمدن

مدينه را ميلرزانند 


سياره هاميشتابند

عراده هاميغرند


عراده هاي عاجل

اخطاريه ميپاشند،زوزه ميكشند





كوچه ها را



گاهي ميگويند

مدينه ي فاضله و فضلي نميبينند


سر ها را خم ميگيرند

و به انديشه اندر ميشوند


آوازهاي تمدن

مدينه را ميلرزانند


تو گويي جاده ها

رودبارها هستند


و رابر عراده ها براسفالت

شتاب آب است بر سنگريزه ها


در پايان موتر سايكلي

باَ غرش مدهش


در بالاهليوكاپتري قر قركنان

گوشها را ميخراشند


مغزها را ميشورانند

بر دلها دلهره ميافشانند


و آنگاه آواز دلخراشي

از ترمزي برميايد و برمغز استخوان مينشيند


و جوانانمردان

و جوانزنان


به تيلفونهاي بيسيم نگاه ميكنند

پيام تحريري ميفرستند


يا هم هنگام رفتار آهنگ ميبينند

آهنگ ميشنوند


و روي جاده گاهگاه با خود

و گاهگاه با پايه هاي كنار آن ميرقصند


گاهي پري پيكري

بر سنگ جاده پاشنه ميكوبد


و چون موج از كناره رد ميشود

و دلهاي فراواني را با خود ميكشاند


و زمان آوازهاي تمدن را ميشنود

و تيز تيز رد ميشود



وبا خود ميگويد

ابديت در انتظاراست


و هنوز آواز هاي تمدن

مدينه را ميلرزانند


فريمانت، كليفورنيا

جدي ١٣٩١


Beyond the Heavens

Beyond the Heavens

By: Dr. G. Rauf Roashan

Beyond the Heavens

O my beloved

Too far is the heaven

Too high is the sky

Who knows whether in the beyond

On the other side of the blue veil

How destinies are shaped?

Or how do they fall in love?

Or how do they love?

What names have they given to the galaxies?

Do they know of our Earth?

Do they remember?

Do they need my eyes?

To look at your beauty!

Do they need my heart?

To feel the grandeur of love!

O my beloved,

In the faraway and high sky

And in the beyond

They might know of love

Or they might not

But my eyes and my heart

Are in love

They believe in love

They praise love

They uphold love on Earth

And in heavens

And hold love in reverence

And highest esteem

My Playmate the Rain

 The fragrance of the original rose

Takes me to the past

Distant pasts

When I was a child

And I thought often

And was asking myself why?

And I had no answer

I was looking at distant horizons

And kept quiet

My head was empty

And my heart was full

It was full of thoughts

Full of sweet feelings

That were warm

And tied me to the rose bushes

And then when the thunder roared

I was not afraid

And when it rained

It made me happy

That smelled the rain

From the soil of the street

That I jumped

And let the rain into my eyes

That the rain was not was no tears

That it was cold and wet

And it was clean

And I loved it

As if it were my playmate

Time-My Enemy

Time- My Enemy

By: Dr. G Rauf Roashan


My destiny that was

Written behind the curtains

Was wrapped in the silk of mystery

While I follow it like in a dream

And have no recourse to it


Time that did not exist was born

It surrounded the earth

Time and my destiny are of the same tribe

Nobody knows what are they?

Or why are they?


I know that time is priceless and perishable

And eternity free and everlasting

Both time and I are in love

And were born of lasting love


Time disrobes the rose in its arms

And the tulip mingles with Time until it dies

Time my rival and my enemy

Kills my roses and tulips

Many are the roses from my destiny

That slept in the arms of Time

And I see that the train of time passes by

And takes away my flowers

To deliver them to the open arms of eternity


Such is time and I the loser

Time is present and past and I am now

Time, my rival, my companion and my enemy

It is a careless co-traveler that doesn’t care about me


It drives on and does not look back

It doesn’t stop so I would pull out the thorn from my foot

It doesn’t stop so I would take a breath

Onward it drives and it never pauses


Time, my co-traveler, my companion and my enemy

Does not know that one day

Neither he, nor I would exist anymore




By: Dr. G. Rauf Roashan


If I were a sculptor

I would carve your body from the purest marbles


I would plant on your bosom

Red live flowers


I would pour kindness in your heart of stone 

I would store love in your chest


I would use rubies for your lips

And would decorate your locks with hyacinths


I would wind around your

Arms, thighs and waist bindweeds


I would spread on your legs and bosom

Heavily aromatic petals


I would treat your statue as Ahura*

And would place it in the Fire Temple of Love


And I would bring Venus and Aphrodite

To pay homage to you


I would tell Zeus the ancient God of gods

To worship you


And then I would set next to your idol

And would cherish the perfume of flowers from your body


*Ahura is God in Zoroaster’s book.