Beyond the Heavens

Beyond the Heavens

By: Dr. G. Rauf Roashan

Beyond the Heavens

O my beloved

Too far is the heaven

Too high is the sky

Who knows whether in the beyond

On the other side of the blue veil

How destinies are shaped?

Or how do they fall in love?

Or how do they love?

What names have they given to the galaxies?

Do they know of our Earth?

Do they remember?

Do they need my eyes?

To look at your beauty!

Do they need my heart?

To feel the grandeur of love!

O my beloved,

In the faraway and high sky

And in the beyond

They might know of love

Or they might not

But my eyes and my heart

Are in love

They believe in love

They praise love

They uphold love on Earth

And in heavens

And hold love in reverence

And highest esteem