By Dr. G. Rauf Roashan

I got out of the cage of body

To see a world; all beginning and all ends

I looked everywhere; there were no borders, no limits

Every moment was a beginning and a continuation

I searched for time to understand the moment

And felt the existence of time from movement

But did not understand what it was or when did it begin

Why it continued to exist?

I counted the moments

They were fluid and slid between my fingers

So I glanced once again at a world with no known beginning

To do so I had to take the hands of time

And travel to the distant past

I saw that no matter how far I went, the past was farther

I was ashamed of my futile endeavor

And I laughed at myself

I was still laughing when I felt the power of attraction

Only then I understood love

So it is all for love?

It has been such and would be so