Why is Karzai Playing Hard?

By Dr. G. Rauf Roashan


Abstract: A little over four months left in Karzai’s rule, he tries to show metal. All along until recently Karzai was a tame team player. President Bush liked him a lot. President Obama liked him cautiously with some reservations. So did Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. But with John Kerry and most recently with Susan Rice, President Obama’s National Security Adviser he started to play games. As if he said:” Yes, but.” And then he expounded on this but by introducing new rules to the games he had played so far.

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Karzai who?

Abstract: Afghanistan has entered into a phase in its life that is of utmost importance for its place in history and its immediate and far fledged future as well as meeting the needs of its population that has had more than their share of misery, wars, insecurity and hopelessness. This short paper deals only with some aspects of the upcoming presidential elections in April of 2014. Continue reading “Karzai who?”