From a Distant Past

From a Distant Past

By Dr. G. Rauf Roashan

One night in the distant past

I danced with her

The fine perfume from the back of her earlobes

Was rejuvenating my soul

When her head was on my shoulder

The silken curls of her black hair

Was teasing my hot cheeks

The warmth of closeness to her body

Was warming my heart and my feelings

The well tuned movement of our bodies

Together with the sound of music

Were reminding me of tropical

White sanded calm beaches

And of lands where colorful birds

With green wings and red beaks

From atop of tall trees

Were singing the song of love

And the waves were calmly

Hitting the shore

Many days have gone by since

And many years

And Time has tried

To wash away the colors of that night

From its memory

Or to blur those long gone memories

Time, the enemy of my joyful recollections

But still and often I see a couple of eyes

From which emanate the flames of love

And that in the arms of my imagination

The place of a voluptuous beauty

Is vacant

No, no, it is not vacant

It is filled with love