My appointment to the Cabinet as President of the Independent Department of Tribal Affairs (IDTA) came as a complete surprise to me. I had every reason to believe that, when my boss was appointed to form the new government, he would choose me as his Minister of Information and Culture. With my educational background and years of experience, Continue reading “CABINET POST”



I was inducted into the Boy Scout Organization when I was in the second elementary grade. The school is­sued me and some of my classmates the entire outfit. We had drills for a month or so and then we participated with other boy scouts in the Students’ Annual March Continue reading “Bamian”

With the Nomads

Grandmother had a distant relative who had been married many years before to a nomad chieftain. This relative had lost both her parents in infancy. Someone in the family had given her away to the barren wife of a Dowlazi (Dowlatzai) semi-nomadic tribesman. The Dawlazis lived in a village of that name near Kandibagh. She was Continue reading “With the Nomads”

The Outdoors

I was fond of the outdoors and experienced both pleasant and painful situations. Mostly, however, they were enjoyable experiences.

Prior to school, I played with the neighborhood boys. From time to time there would be some girls who would participate with us. Continue reading “The Outdoors”


My parents were very pleased with the move to Naw Abad-e Deh Afghanan as it represented living in their own home in Kabul. I remember the house very well. It was quite spacious. You entered it from an alley leading up to some other homes along the northern foothills of Asmayee. Ours was the second from the main street and about twenty yards uphill. At the entrance, you faced a room with two large windows, a door and a small window bringing in outside light. It was probably the servants’ quarters. A flight of stairs went up to the apartment above the entrance. It was a complete residence. Depending on how big a family was, the apartment could either be used as an addition to the family residence or rented out as an extra source of income. Continue reading “School”

Afghanistan, My Ancestral Home


Dear Reader:

I have titled this work Afghanistan, My Ancestral Home. If you get the idea that it deals with historyand geography of the country where I was born and where I grew up, youmay not find either in its pages the way you have read a history bookor a book on the geography. It does not serve that purpose and the authoradmits he is not a historian or a person well versed in geography.

It also does not cover thevarious aspects of the culture of the Afghans, because
even though the country is small, 250,000 square miles, it is very muchdiverse in terms of the Afghan nation, and the different regions thatthey live in. It does, however, attempt to depict the way of life of thelower middle class in Kabul and Nangarhar provinces which the author ismost familiar with.

Again, the author does notclaim that all people in these two provinces go through the same developmentalperiod or invariably do the same things that he has experienced throughoutthe life period that he describes. In this respect he hopes that it willbe looked upon as an autobiography–with a difference.

Some historic events havebeen alluded to, some geographic facts have been mentioned, some politicalobservations have been made and some general cultural characteristicsof the people of Afghanistan have been described.

Please overlook any oversightand some false assumptions on the part of the author about facts and figuresfor the author humbly admits his shortcomings. The author hopes that ifyou take time and trouble to leaf through this book’s pages and generalizethings in your mind’s eye, you may get a picture of an Afghan as he growsup and goes through life in that far pavilion that is Afghanistan– thecenturies old abode of a nation that has experienced (and is still experiencing)great vicissitudes in its history, located as it is in the crossroad ofcivilization in the heart of Asia.

Mohammed Khalid Roashan
Kirkland, Washington


All rights reserved by the author